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Greek Mythology
Out on my normal stroll around the city, I came across this narrow old wooden bridge that I was sure could still support my weight. Of course I realized this was a poor move after I broke through and started plummeting. Just as I was about to fall to my death, two mystical fairies swooped down and caught me. Well I was relieved, and a little turned on, as these fairies had big breasts with long cocks to go with them! I was even more turned on when they started to suck me off while in the air. What was I to do? They just saved my life! So they each slipped their dicks into both my holes, pounding me in rhythm while my own cock was dripping wet. We fucked so hard and long that we all came many times over, each more pleasurable than the last. But fuckers, they dropped me into the water below anyway! I guess used and abused is better than untouched!

Fun With Shemales On The Beach
He felt so lucky, he had the most beautiful girlfriend in the world and they both had a fun time together. He didn't even mind the fact that his girlfriend had a cock. So as they kissed and frolicked on the beach, he suddenly got very horny for her. He drilled her ass while she was on all fours in front of him and then spilled his seed all over her big fake tits. Then he gave the sexy shemale a deep throat blowjob until she gave him a facial.

Shipwrecked Passenger Lucks Out
After the ship went down, and I was forced to keep myself afloat on a piece of driftwood, I hoped that I was going to be able to be saved by someone out there. As I pulled myself up to this island, needless to say I was surprised to see so many hot big-breasted babes habiting it. I didn't know what to expect from all of them, and I didn't care, as I thought I died and went to big booby heaven. I was immediately jumped on by the chicks, and within seconds my cock was in and out of all of their mouths. Their leader even got off her throne and made a move for me, smothering me in her big tits and. . . her meaty cock? What a surprise! I could care less, because I was in for the time of my life getting a stiff prick up the ass from this well-hung, busty shemale. All my worries ceased with every thrust, and I wouldn't mind hanging around for a while.

Panty Raid
I really wanted to join up with this fraternity, and would do anything for the status! But I was real nervous when they told me that I would have to run a panty raid. Crap! So I snuck in to the sorority house, and hoped that I could grab some before I was noticed, but it didn't work. Before I knew it, I had about 20 of these babes surrounding me, salivating at my presence. Their intentions became clear once I saw that all of them started bulging out of their panties! Pretty soon, my face was inundated with cock as my clothes were being ripped off. My ass and mouth was being filled with cock from these gorgeous shemales, and to be honest, I couldn't get enough of it! They shot their loads in every hole they could find as I creamed myself from all the fun. Fuck those frat guys. I'll stick around here and let them abuse me as much as they want.

Slave Tranny Gets Fucked
I didn't know what would be on the agenda today from my master. Spanking? Tied up? Would I have to eat her pussy again? I loved it all, but of course I couldn't let my master know that. So she took me in her bedroom and bent me over to give me a reach around while she rammed my ass with a dildo. Pretty typical, but of course I enjoyed it. After I shot my soaking load all over myself, I looked up to find two hung studs right before my eyes! What a surprise in store for me today! I sucked those big schlongs like nobody's business, and spread my cheeks so I can take every inch of what they had to give me while I slurped on the other cock. I got jizzed all over, and I loved every drop of it. I'll be sure to thank my master in my own special way later on.

My Shemales
My girlfriend Mika and I love getting all dolled up to go out for a night of fun, and hopefully a good fuck. So we make sure to look our sexiest; highlighting our massive tits, long legs and long flowing hair. Of course, when we get the guy we want home with us, he may be in for a little bit of a surprise, but I'm sure by that time, he'll be willing to fuck us. And we were lucky to find a hot stud who we charmed and got home ready for some action. We licked his thick shaft until it was nice and hard, and then sat on top of his stiff prick. He didn't care about our humongous cocks, as long as he got to fuck some hot shemales, right? We let him fuck our brains out, and shower us with his jizz all night long.

Bikini Bustout Surprise
My friend and I were just lying around the beach and having fun, getting a deeper tan on both our hot bodies. For some reason today, though, she was being a little more physical and grabby with me. Was it something I said? I didn't want to lead her on, because I'm not that interested in pussy, even though I have thought about licking her perky nipples before. When she started rubbing my pussy, I was hesitant, but willing because it felt so good. There was just something different about her, and when she popped out of her bikini bottom, that's when I realized that she had the thickest cock I had ever seen! That was the missing piece for sure, as I slurped on that dick like I was starving. She stuffed my pussy so well, and it felt great to have the best of both worlds working me over and leaving me wonderfully satisfied.

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